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About Us: The Saltersgill Allotment Association

The Saltersgill allotments have existed for a long time, with the site being owned and managed by Middlesbrough Council and its predecessors for well over 60 years. Early in 2013, however, discussions began between a group of plot-holders at Saltersgill and the Council regarding the possibility of the site becoming self-managed.
Self-management is not uncommon and there are many examples of self-managed allotment sites around the country and indeed locally.
After 18 months or so of negotiation, which included consultation with, and a ballot amongst all of the plot-holders, Saltersgill became the first site in Middlesbrough to become self-managed. This means that whilst the site remains under Middlesbrough Council ownership and the Council, as landlord, retains responsibility for maintenance of the external gates, fences and shrubs and all underground water pipes within the site; the Association, as tenant, is responsible for all other day-to-day management and administration of the site.
The Association effectively took over running of the site in June 2014 when an interim Committee of 12 plot-holders was formed.
Details of the interim Committee can be found elsewhere on the web-site although it should be noted that membership of the Management Committee will in future be determined by a ballot of members and announced at the Annual General Meeting.
Copies of a number of key documents relating to the governance of the Association will be accessable on this web-site and include;

Association Meetings

An initial General Meeting of tenants was held on 26th October 2014 and was attended by over 40 plot-holders. The minutes of that meeting can be viewed by clicking here.
Minutes of all future meetings of the Association will also be posted on the Committee page of this site in order to help keep people informed and to enable them to contribute to the smooth running of the Saltersgill allotment site.

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